Unchartered Tutoring teaches educational concepts and life lessons using art. We connect with our students on a personal basis, because learning is better when we do.

“Our daughter has participated in after school classes, special events, and summer art camp through unchartered tutoring. We have been impressed by the high caliber of the teaching and the concepts that our daughter is learning. Our daughter looks forward to each and every class and has been inspired both in and out of class to experiment with her artistic creativity. We are looking forward to watching her talents grow through the incredible mentorship at Unchartered Tutoring.” –Cynthia Lawson Whitaker

“I’ve been so impressed with the quality of classes coming out of Unchartered Tutoring. The combination of art and science together are not ‘dumbed down’ for students yet they are explained in a way that even the youngest of students can understand. Her classes are fun and engaging and designed in a way to allow each student to follow their own lead. I look forward to future classes!” –Melanie Rast Currier

“Thanks so much for taking our idea for a Back to School art project and bringing it to life for the Polaris Educational Foundation. We cannot be more delighted to see such fantastic options that integrate STEM, art and even drama in one program with our after school program after a great year and so much positive feedback last year!” –Jayme Putnam

After School Art Enrichment Programs

Fully Customized Lesson Plans

Does your school need a little more art?

Unchartered Tutoring integrates art with your current curriculum, and can bill parents directly.

College Portfolio Prep

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are a challenge.

Help Your Work Stand Out

Unchartered Tutoring employs college professors with a strong understanding of admissions requirements.  We will also connect you with community resources, appropriate for your  goals.

Customized Art Lessons

Helping you reach your artistic goals is where we find joy.

Hobby or Professional Art Guidance

If your goals are to learn watercolor or improve drawing skills, we will help!  We also help those looking to learn digital arts, such as Illustrator or Photoshop.

Day Camps

In New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

Would you like to add art lessons to your camp?

Unchartered Tutoring builds content to match the theme of your camp, be it sports, academic, religious or wilderness survival!

Private Functions

When you want fun with creative substance.

Parties and More!

Unchartered Tutoring goes beyond your typical paint night, building fun-filled art experiences resulting in one-of-a-kind art pieces. Every lesson is guided by a professional artist.

What If I Need Something Else?

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 Students who learn to explore complex subjects on their own and use creativity to solve problems develop important life skills. They continue to see benefits past the duration of the course.

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Our Core…

We trust science and data. We follow the experts in their fields and trust their recommendations. They know a lot more than we do.

We also believe in the power of art, not just as a powerful mode of expression, but as a tool to educate, build communities and change the world. Giving that power to you or your student is important to us.

Unchartered pays even it’s college interns at least $15/hour as we believe the experts when they say that is a sustainable wage. We  hire people with greater diversity than is represented in our state, because diverse stories make us stronger.

We also know our people will not be with us forever, because this is primarily a part time job (maybe one day it won’t be). Our people’s goals become our goals and our leaders do everything we can to help our assistants, teachers and artists achieve their goals, be it sponsor shows of their work, give them high tech training, first aid certifications or connect them with people that will help them in their journey.

If you choose to use us to meet your goals, you are helping a US government certified economically disadvantaged woman owned small business and a company filled with people who ache to help their students.

We want to be better. We want to help you be better. Help us do so by becoming one of our clients.