Unchartered Tutoring built online enrichment to protect our students and loved ones…

…and because parents need a break.

Keep your student safe and engaged while you work.

We bring the experience of your student’s favorite classroom to live video learning with customized kits, personable teachers and lots of direct interaction with teachers and other students!

Ideal for home school students or parents that need an hour to focus!

What do our clients say?

“Our daughter has participated in after school classes, special events, and summer art camp through unchartered tutoring. We have been impressed by the high caliber of the teaching and the concepts that our daughter is learning. Our daughter looks forward to each and every class and has been inspired both in and out of class to experiment with her artistic creativity. We are looking forward to watching her talents grow through the incredible mentorship at Unchartered Tutoring.”

Cynthia Lawson Whitaker

“I’ve been so impressed with the quality of classes coming out of Unchartered Tutoring. The combination of art and science together are not ‘dumbed down’ for students yet they are explained in a way that even the youngest of students can understand. Her classes are fun and engaging and designed in a way to allow each student to follow their own lead. I look forward to future classes!

Melanie Rast Currier

“Thanks so much for taking our idea for a Back to School art project and bringing it to life for the Polaris Educational Foundation. We cannot be more delighted to see such fantastic options that integrate STEM, art and even drama in one program with our after school program after a great year and so much positive feedback last year!

Jayme Putnam

Roxanne Chang's Facebook recomnedation of Unchartered Tutoring. White text on a black background. Profile image is of Black Lives Matter sign.
Sandra Jin's Facebook Recomendation of Unchartered Tutoring in Spring of 2020. Profile Image is a dark haired family around a geriatiric individual
Review by Kira Morehouse. Profile picture of a Black Woman in a yellow headscarf. White text on a black background, clear screenshot from Facebook
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Review of Resin Camp 2020 by Cynthia Lawson Whitaker. Image of a family around a geriatric woman. White text on a black background, clearly taken from Facebook.

 Students who learn to explore complex subjects on their own and use creativity to solve problems develop important life skills. They continue to see benefits past the duration of the course.

But, what makes Unchartered Tutoring different?

Simply, our people.

Amber Ni ole Cannan

Amber Nicole Cannan is our primary muse/instructor; she is an Adjunct Professor at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and a former president of The New Hampshire Creative Club, New Hampshire’s oldest professional arts organization. With over 10 years of professional arts experience and over 15 years of teaching in its various forms, your student is in good hands.

Amber Nicole’s degree is in fine arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA), one of the top 5 art schools in North America. She has a strong background in science and anatomy from Case Western Reserve University and CIA’s Biomedical Art program. This scientific background helps her connect with “nontraditional” art students.

Please view her freelance company’s website, and professional portfolio at www.bioscicreative.com

Amber Nicole is Available for:

  • After School Art Enrichment Programs
  • College Portfolio Preparation
  • Customized Art Lessons
  • Day Camps and Retreats
  • Private Functions
  • Teacher Workshops

Brenda is Available for:

  • After School Art Enrichment Programs
  • Day Camps and Retreats
  • Private Functions
  • Teacher Workshops

Brenda Noiseux is one of our teachers. She owns her own consulting company and follows her creative pursuits involving photography, mixed media, tinkering and anything that gets her hands dirty. With over a decade experience in the tech industry, she loves combining science, engineering, technology and math (STEM) with art.

She has launched two successful crowdfunding campaigns for her art projects and believes art should be accessible to everyone.
Brenda Noiseux
Chad Howard

Chadwick Howard is an Instructor. He feels an instinctual need to explore, and experiment with a variety of media. Chad is inspired by biomimicry, and the properties of light; working with light as an artform itself.

While studying art education at NHIA, he felt that classrooms should be intriguing, informative, and a fun, safe environment for students to express their thoughts and beliefs which enabled students to grow into strong individuals.

Chad is Available for:

  • After School Art Enrichment Programs
  • Customized Art Lessons
  • Day Camps and Retreats
  • Event Management (Parties!)

Ky is Available for:

  • Day Camps and Retreats
  • Private Functions
  • Cosplay Design and Consulting

Ky Flood is our Studio Manager. Her experience creating wearable art out of unconventional materials for cosplay designs means she considers the user experience behind our studio and its organization. She also keeps our teachers organized and well supplied.

She has a degree in Graphic Design from Hesser College and several years of experience working as a tattoo artist- yet another medium that thinks hard about the end user’s experience with her designs and illustration. Her favorite thing about art is working with others to bring that image in their head to life, no matter the media. When not keeping our heads on straight in the studio, she works as a freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist.

Ky Flood

Lead Teacher and Studio Assistant Elise is a creator with a heart. She teaches this Oobleck Squishy Science class to a socially distanced classroom from Zoom!  Some student antics come through and she is a delight to follow on this series. Do cover your entire table with newspaper.  When you are done, roll it up and throw it out. Because this slime is primarily corn starch and water, the paper helps dry out the slime and return it to powder.

Elise is Available for:

  • After School Art Enrichment Programs
  • Day Camps and Retreats
  • Event Management (Parties!)

Heather is Available for:

  • After School Art Enrichment Programs
  • Sewing Masks for Charity!

Heather Morris is a Lead Teacher and BFA student at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She is passionate about sustainability and nature, often using scavenged and found objects in her process. As a mixed media artist she flows freely between painting, book arts, and natural fabric dyeing. Heather is heavily influenced by the community around her and strives to make the arts more accessible through showing the value in alternative materials. For years she has worked with children of all ages in both academic and recreational environments, building the foundation for young creatives.

Heather Morris
Susan Earnshaw

Susan Earnshaw is a Teaching Assistant and loves everything about art, so she pursued it, gaining an Associates in Art from Northern Essex Community College. She also loves teaching, so she leads Sunday School at The First Church Congregational in Methuen. Her favorite parts were crafts, games, recess and snack time…. Well, all of it!

In her free time, she strives to catch the most spontaneous and priceless moments for people to remember. In addition to her volunteer work with First Church Congregational in Methuen, she works with the elderly in their Activities Program at the Methuen Senior Center.

Susan just loves making art, observing artist and helping others find their way in the many paths of art.

Susan is Available for:

  • After School Art Enrichment Programs
  • Sewing Masks for Charity!

Rossy is Available for:

  • After School Art Enrichment Programs
  • Laser Cutting Masks for Charity!

Rossy Pichardo is a Teaching Assistant with the goal of becoming a Lead Teacher and one day teach overseas! She has had an interest in art since she can remember. As a young child she would draw cartoons more than she watched them. Continuing this passion, she obtained an associates degree in fine arts at Manchester Community College. Her favorite mediums include charcoal, graphite, gouache, watercolors, and acrylic. At her core, she loves to experiment and discover.

Rossy with yellow flowers in her hair
Susan Earnshaw

Melanie Watanabe is a video editor and graphic designer who is a recent graduate from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She strives to provide a comfortable space for viewers through her video and print work. She wants her work to bring people joy, relief, representation, and an overall appreciation for art. She uses flat colors, geometric shapes, and typography most heavily in her work, preferring to stick to a limited color palette to give a clean look. She has been creating ever since she was a child, and will likely continue for the rest of her life. melaniewatanabe.com

Melanie is Available for:

  • In House Video Editing

  • You can’t have her!

  • She doesn’t teach for us, only edits videos.

  • You could hire her, I guess.

  • melaniewatanabe.com

Where did you get such a crazy idea?

Unchartered was founded quite by accident. We discovered a need for quality after school programing. Since we love science and art, thought we would share that love with the students in our community. One school quickly became two and within 6 months we were serving all of the disadvantaged students in our city through the Title 1 program.

We usually teach classes, in person, as far North as Franklin, NH and South as Lowell, MA in city schools, recreation programs, private and Montessori schools, but Covid-19 put a stop to all of that.

Concerned for our students we quickly pivoted to online classes, putting together kits that could be picked up in our downtown Manchester, NH studio. Then we began delivering the kits to students on buses and mailing kits to students who discovered us in New York, Virginia, Alabama and California.

We realized this online shift could help us reach students across the country and began running after school programs online while delivering the supplies via USPS. It was a success and we began reaching students we had never worked with before in locations we never thought of!

Help us continue that online reach, bringing art and science together to students across the United States by signing up for our summer camps and asking your school administrator to begin offering our after school programs in your district!