Creative Expressions: An independent exploration within a group of creatives (4 Weeks of LIVE Instruction Each Month)

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This is an individualized exploration of whatever media/tools you wish.

                      Any tools?

Yes! I’ll keep the class size small so you can share your goals and get my help learning whatever skills you wish. Your classmates will share their experiences as well and help you along your journey.

Can I join anytime?


What are you waiting for?  Sign up now!

You will make friends too.  We forgot to mention that.

Wednesday classes are for Kids and Adults

Tuesdays are for Adults only. (Adults need safe spaces too!)

Classes happen every Wednesday and Tuesday. The first Week of each month is the Demo night and the following weeks are workshop nights where Amber Nicole helps you with your individual struggles. If there are more than 4 weeks in a month, we take the 5th off.


21 in stock

Understanding of Recording * 

This class is being conducted in a digital classroom. To sign up for this class, I need your permission to take photos and video of you and whoever is in the room with you. I will not sell the photos. I might post photos or video Online, making comments about their promoting the company.

By checking the “Yes, Take and Use Photographs” checkbox, I give my consent that photos/video of the listed participants, named above or in the room during the recording, can be taken for use by Amber Nicole Cannan and Unchartered Tutoring. I understand that students may be identified by their name or whatever name used to sign on to the online classroom.

The class content is also recorded so that teaching material, but not personal interactions can be sent to people who sign up later in the year.

Will you pick up the kit at our studio every other week or have the kit mailed to you every week?
Pick-up is contact free at 84 Brook Street, Manchester, NH.
Alternatively, you may pick up at 2Share when you procure your recommended libation!
There is no difference in the kits supplied, but who doesn’t love getting mail?

What kind of Supply Kit would you like each month? * 

Amber Nicole, the art expert, will build your kit individually for you each month, depending on what you are most interested in. The first month will focus on drawing pencils and paper and after that, the options open up! Scale choices include the following:

None: This is an option! We want everyone to feel included. Please understand we will be actively discussing the materials provided in the kits. Demonstrations and homework will focus on the new materials. You can totally work this class with a basic watercolor palette, a few upgraded brushes and some basic watercolor paper. Don’t let the kit be what holds you back from joining us! We’d love to have you.

Standard kit: This kit includes everything necessary to learn the techniques and move forward with the medium. The supplies provided are of the same quality Amber Nicole uses on a regular basis. Every month, you will receive a package of the supplies that will go along with the focus for the month. Supplies are planned to include paper varieties, brushes of different sizes, shapes and with different purposes, quality watercolor paints (may contain heavy metals), books to help you along, tricky secret supplies, professional drawing tools and archival markers. Amber Nicole has taken the guess work out of buying supplies!

Premium Kit: Everything in the Standard Kit is included in the Premium Kit, sometimes the individual supplies are upgraded to what Amber Nicole considers “dreamy” quality, and sometimes the kit simply has more variety of the same materials. If you think you love watercolors, and have the budget, this kit will make you stalk your mailbox every month!

Teacher’s Kit: Everything in the Standard Kit and the Premium Kit is included in the Teacher’s Kit. The teacher has to be able to talk about differences in quality and demonstrate on both standard and premium supplies, so you get what the teacher has. This kit will also include some of those “extras” the teacher just has floating around in the studio, inspiring you beyond and outside class. If you already love watercolors and have decided supply investment is a priority, this kit will broaden your horizons and make you jump with delight when the mail arrives.


Develop your creative side with this focused and individualized remote class. The first week of each month will be a hands-on demonstration with our founder, Amber Nicole Cannan and the subsequent three weeks of each month will be live video hands-on workshops. In those Workshop Weeks Amber Nicole will be available for questions, further demonstration and encouragement.

Wednesday classes are for Kids and Adults

Tuesdays are for Adults only. (Adults need safe spaces too!)


The hands-on workshops will demonstrate something specific to the class attendees, with a demonstration aimed at each student. The following three weeks are for working, questions and spur of the moment demonstrations. The first class of each month is recorded, in case you cannot make it. Any particularly interesting demonstrations are also recorded and shared with attendees in case of absence. If a 5th week occurs, we will not have class.


Every week? Emphasis for attendance is on the first chosen day of the month. The other three days are optional. As a professor, Amber Nicole Cannan assigns goals, but then helps you with the goals on the Workshop Days (usually second, third and fourth weeks).

The Rules:  All payment must be made via Credit Card. You will automatically be added to the next month’s supply shipment/delivery and classes.

Supplies may be picked up once a month at our Manchester, NH Studio, or you must choose “Shipping” at checkout. We pack them in masks and gloves and then sterilize the insides using our UV Sterilizer.

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