Unchartered Tutoring Scholarship


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Because people asked for it, here is where you can donate money to Unchartered.  We are a for-profit LLC, so any donations are not tax-deductible. We hope to one day start a non-profit, but right now our efforts are focused on transitioning to the online learning environment.


Donations can be made in $5 increments, simply add the number of $5 increments you would like to donate. You can also mail us a check and avoid the credit card transaction fees. Our address is on our contact page.



19885 in stock (can be backordered)


You can donate however much you want, whenever you want.  Remember, it isn’t a tax-deduction.

The cost of a single class for a single student is $15.

A six week series costs $90 for one student.

One student in a 9 week series is $135.

A summer camp for a single student costs $275.


While not a non-profit, if you donate money to us, we promise to use that money to give a free class, series or camp to a student who needs it.


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