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A last minute addition to our schedule, by request!

October 28th at 10:00am to 12:00pm

In this kids focused event we will make Cinnamon-based, non-edible cookies and decorate them with human anatomy. Participants will learn about the skeleton, nervous system, digestive system and muscle anatomy. These cookies can function as ornaments, air fresheners or just confuse Santa on your Santa cookie plate on Christmas Eve.  In the vein of Nightmare Before Christmas (the movie I wish I had an affiliation with) I can’t think of a better prank to pull on Santa.

At the in-studio session students will receive an illustrated guide, clay, paint and instruction to help make these wonderful little decorations that you can use for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Amber Nicole uses them all year, but we know she is a little strange. Only 8 spots are available, so sign your kids up quick!